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The shop ferret takes note!
Hot on the paws of our very own ferrets last favorite phone comes, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. With a perfect size screen for ferret fingers and tradie tools, the light or dark and handsome Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has a feature set to make Steve'o turn in his grave.

A ferret sized apple trounce 5.7 2560 x 1440 Super HD screen compliments the ultra vivid high contrast colours even for the most discerning Mustelidae. Low-light shots for predator watch and night shooting fun. A massive 16 megapixel back and respectable 3.7 megapixel front camera means perfect selfie's and snaps for everyone! The S Pen fits comfortably in any paw or hand.

A New Photo Note feature lets you catalogue your winter stores or annotate potential mating season pals on the go. With a faster than you can say 'how much food could a fossicking ferret fossick' turbo fast wall charger and a massively large battery the Note 4 is always ready for your adventures.

And to be Ferret Fair to all us Aussies who need a great deal that actually lasts, the official Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has another apple beating 24 month warranty, especially useful when your pet ferret has eaten all your apples and has its eyes on your note.

Search here and use the ferrets own 'better than google' tools to them out find the best deal in Oz 4 u.